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Ordering NYC Documents


NYC Marriage Certificates
We can only order certified NYC marriage certificates for you. We do not have the authority to order certified birth or death certificates and the accompanying Letter of Exemplification. The owner of the certificate or the mother or father has to do it.

To obtain the certified marriage certificate for the apostille, we would need to meet in person to notarize a letter that authorizes us to do this for you or you would need to find a notary to notarize the document and then ship it to us or meet us (and would need a copy of your marriage license). There would be an additional charge of $130 for this service as long as it is part of the NY apostille process noted above ($150, if needed sooner than 48-hour timeframe). This includes the city's $35 fee. 

NYC Birth and Death Certificates 
You can order the certified long-form birth or death certificate and letter of exemplification in person or by mail through the NYC Department of Mental Hygiene at 125 Worth St. in Manhattan. You can click on the following NYC.gov link for more information:
http://www.nyc.gov/ html/doh/html/vr/vrbappl.shtml on how to order birth and death certificates.

If an apostille is your objective, be sure to check off "apostille" or write "apostille" in the top corner of the birth and death certificate application if ordering in person or by mail from the NYC Dept of Health. Be sure to also check off "yes" when asked "whether you need a letter of exemplification" and write "extended long form birth certificate" and "for apostille" at the top of the application when ordering in person at the NYC Department of Health. You can often expect to wait for over an hour standing on a line if you order the NYC certified birth and death certificates in person (and you receive the documents by mail 10-14 days later, not there). You should also know that the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene sometimes refers to the Certified Long-Form Birth Certificate as the "vault" copy.

You can also order NY birth and death certificates online through Vitalchek, a partner of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Office of the City Clerk, either at vitalchek.com or by calling 1-877-854-4481. The Vitalchek method is faster as you won't have to wait on a long line for hours at the Department of Health. Be sure to check off "apostille" on the Dept. of Health application or on the Vitalchek.com website when they ask for the "reason for ordering the certificate."

The Department of Mental Health & Hygiene and Vitalchek do not provide the actual apostille; they simply provide you with the correct documents that are needed to then obtain an apostille, which we can help you with.

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